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Biography and accomplishments of the Pastor Emmanuel Dessalines

Pastor Emmanuel Dessalines was born in Canada, on March 15th 1973. He was raised in Montreal from a Christian family that immigrated from Haiti a few years before.

In 1989, Pastor Emmanuel’s life took a total new dimension when he gave his life to the Lord Jesus-Christ. Since his conversion, he was animated from an all-consuming passion for the Gospel. Until now he will say that this was the most important decision of his life.

In 1991, during his college studies, the young Pastor Emmanuel Dessalines had a dream where he saw himself preaching the Gospel to a huge crowd of people. It is at this precise time that his call got confirmed. Following this, he served in his local church where he received an comprehensive training with his pastor and theology doctor. Since then, he became a diligent student of the Word of God.

In the meantime, he met his spouse and got married. During their first year of marriage, he got the conviction that he was to consecrate his life to the well being of others in the service of priesthood. This is how he left his full-time studies in computer science. He also left his full-time job and consecrated himself to ministry.

In 1998, he started his ministry as an evangelist. He travelled during many years to different countries, leaving the Gospel in people’s hearts. The Lord used him to touch many countries like Bahamas, Belgium, Spain, USA, France, Israel, Martinique and Haiti.

It is in 1999 that he was ordained in ministry. Few years passed before he got seized with a new conviction : The building of the Transformed Lives Ministries!

The first worship service at Transformed Lives Ministries was celebrated January 5th 2005 with approximately 10 individuals in the assembly. With no financial help either with no other spiritual leader, Pastor Dessalines succeeded in bringing together one hundred individuals week after week in the goal of teaching them the Word of God in less than a year. At this time, 90% of the members were unbelievers that were facing various social problems.

In a province such as Quebec, where the average of the assemblies of God is situated around 60 individuals and where the youth is more and more selfless regarding the Christian values, it was considered a great exploit. The Pastor Dessalines stirred up the fire in them for God by putting in place 2 biblical studies per week in order to meet the great demands. He gave back hope to this generation that the society already condemned. Today more than 500 individuals, coming from all kinds of social backgrounds, meet at the Transformed Lives Ministries .

This is in accordance with the beneficial nature of Pastor Dessalines and seeing the passion that motivates the members which he is responsible for, as several related organizations and ministries emerged from Transformed Lives Ministries.

His achievements

The Continuing Education of Transformed Lives Ministries allows many to receive a proper continuous training from the Pastor Dessalines for their development. The new believers strengthen their christian faith and understanding of the Bible with the class called-The faith that transforms- Pastor Emmanuel has also built a preaching class and other ones on different aspects of the Bible for all those that aspire to ministry.

Due to the success of the church and other businesses, Pastor Dessalines got the idea to create the segment Transformed Lives Ministries-Business to train the men and women called to be entrepreneurs. Following this, he became a consultant for many of them.

The Pastoral Association of Transformed lives Ministries was created following a growing demand from leaders and pastors that desire to have a ministerial management training.

The Transformed Lives Community Center was created following the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Without delay, he organized a fundraiser to help the victims of this terrible disaster. In addition to providing financial aid to several causes such as breast cancer, the organization has also helped many families by providing the money needed to meet their needs. In addition, it has touched several children through various programs and activities of humanitarian works.

Emmanuel Dessalines Ministries ( E.D Ministries) is an international ministry with the mission to preach the Gospel to all the nations of the earth with the help of seminars, conferences and congress. This ministry had added thousands of people with the years.

Pastor Dessalines is known and appreciated for his simple and practical preaching’s, inspired by his life and the word of God, allowing people to apply them in their lives. His willingness to directly face the challenges of this modern society earned him several merits.

He received an honor for the Montreal succession at the gala of Youth Recognition Group in action in March 2012 .

On January 28th 2016, the General Consulate of Haiti in Montreal honoured him during the 212th anniversary of the independence of Haiti by noting his significant contribution to the enhancement of the image of the Haitian community in Montréal.

Pastor Emmanuel is the author of several series of teachings such as “Faith that transforms”, “Six truths than any single person needs to know”, “How to build a happy married life”, “How to build a strong family”, “The structure for an effective Ministry” and “Satan, not in my house” that impacted the lives of thousands of people.

In addition to his ministerial achievements, Pastor Emmanuel is married to Pastor Naomie Montissol Dessalines. They are the proud parents of three beautiful children. It is on a daily basis and in union that they continue their commitment to deliver the word of God breaking the chains of the captives and revitalizes the spiritual life of the men and women around the world.