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Pastor Naomie Montissol’s Biography

It is on April 6th 1974 that Naomie Montissol was born in the city of Jacmel in Haiti. At the age of 9 years old, her family immigrated in Canada and they got installed in Montreal. Since her young age, she was interested in the things of God, involving herself in her local church assembly at all levels. Having a growing thirst for the Lord, she participated to each meeting that was held during a revival that hit the province of Quebec in the 1990’s. This is how she had met Pastor Emmanuel Dessalines at the age of 18. They got married four years later and from this union three wonderful children were born.

In 1994, she was one of the leaders of an evangelization group, Biblical Universty and College Group (GBUC). This group had much impact at the level of evangelization in Montreal. A few years later, she got her college degree in Human Sciences.

In 1997, while her husband devoted himself to full time Ministry, she thought that her role would be to only encourage and assist in the decisions. To her surprise, the Lord also chose her in order to help his people. In 2002, Prophetesse Naomie filled with conviction, left her career at the Bank of Montreal to answer the call of God. Therefore, her adventure with the Lord took a new direction. The Lord began to teach her the things of God in a way that no one else could have taught her, and through this she received multiple Godly experiences which are the essence of her Ministry.

After that her husband had received the vision of the Transformed Lives Ministries, Pastor Naomie supported him. In 2005, she became a co-founder of the church Transformed Lives Ministries. Woman of prayer and faith, she was a huge support at every stage of development of the Ministry. Thus, she was the perfect ally for Pastor Dessalines for the expansion of the Church in its various departments to better meet the needs of God’s people.

Her passion and her love for the women that were coming to the assembly week after week, drove her to form an extension of her help in a different way. It is from this that in 2010, she had put into place the Transformed Women Ministries. Entirely dedicated to women in the goal to help them discover their identity as children of God and train their character and their confidence in themselves. Until this day it is through different platforms that they receive the teachings, webinars, retreats, round tables, and seminars all in the goal to fulfill their potential.

Following the dazzling results of this Department and the enthusiasm of the women in the face of this, Pastor Naomie soon made herself known to other places in Montreal! The accuracy with which she addresses the subjects being taught has propelled her to make several trips across the world. She has left the mark of her footprints in several countries including the United States, France, Martinique, and the Republic of Haiti.

Besides the Women Ministry, the Pastor Naomie worked with her husband in various areas of ministry, offering assistance and advice for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Also author of several lessons, her only aim is to see lives being transformed and for children of God to achieve their destinies.