Nous voulons vous équiper

pour votre destiné


I am a visitor

Welcome to the Transformed Lives Ministries !

If you are asking yourself what our service and teachings look like, this information will answer your questions.

Welcoming Booth

During your visit, take the time to come and see us at our reception desk, we’ll be close to welcome you and answer your questions. We will provide you with documentation including all the information of our Church. Don’t leave without providing us with your contact information so that we remain in touch with you!


Every Sunday morning is a new and unique experience to Transformed Lives Ministries. We submit completely to the Holy Spirit, and we believe that He is the true guide for each of our services. However, in general, you will have a part of praise, worship and biblical teaching or preaching. We also have another service Wednesday evening at 19:30.


Our children attend the first hour of our service and enjoys a good time of praise and worship, subsequently, they then walk to another room for their own services where qualified leaders and volunteers take care of them and teach them while you are attending the Sunday service. The children are divided into different classes according to their age.


We have a nursery service available for babies age 6 months to 18 months. Our volunteers are trained and attentive so that your child will have a pleasant time for the duration of the service.

I am born again

Congratulations !! for you took the decision to give your life to Jesus. You do not understand what this will require of you? Do not worry, we have the training class, Faith that transforms, that will help you to answer all your questions! This training is a biblical class that will explain you all the basics church doctrines

But before all, we invite you to come and meet us in order to share your experience when having our welcoming brunch. This will allow you to meet other individuals like you and to know your new church.